Monday, April 26, 2010


Oh my goodness, I guess I needed an impromptu weekend off! It was a busy weekend, but I really didn't mean to skip my blogs. My apologies.

I find that occasionally I get huge reminders of how blessed I am. This was just a truly wonderful weekend. Hairdresser bridesmaid and I were spoiled rotten by all my friends at the faire. Plus, we had a wonderful, carefree time. It was well overdue since her dad's passing. I am so grateful to have friends like her and my faire friends. It was just a pleasure. My husband had a wonderful day of gaming while we were gone. I love that we can spend time apart, without worrying about the other....or worse getting jealous or suspicious or some other petty thing. No, we can really appreciate that "alone time", even though neither of us was actually alone. I guess I should call it "apart time". We had a wonderful laid-back Saturday night followed by a productive Sunday mixed with some good old sprawling on the couch time together. Then a trek out to see our nephew play baseball. It was a full day, yet each bit of it felt so rich and easy-going. Just an amazing day, to be sure. Yeah, weekends like this fuel me, carry me to the next weekend to come.

Does any one else ever get struck by how many little blessings you have in your life?

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