Saturday, April 3, 2010

The compulsion to make casseroles

I've been so very blessed in my life. Things haven't always been smooth or happy, but most things have not been genuinely tragic. I've lost one person I cared very much about, my great grandmother at 82. Yesterday, one of my very best friends, hairdresser bridesmaid, lost her father. He was in a car accident which lead to other issues due to his immobility. He succumbed after a very hard fourteen month yesterday morning, very peacefully. He was such a good man. He literally acted as a stand-in father to me, and I loved him very much for that.

I was oddly surprised by how affected I was by his passing. I can usually be a little cold - or at least, people have told me I can be and I don't deny it. But I found myself at my desk at work, welling up at memories and had an undeniable urge to make casseroles. NOW! So, I left work, bought ingredients, and made two casseroles to take to their family. The casseroles were met with much appreciation and a lot of tears. I'm not quite sure why the death of a loved one requires a casserole, but it does. And I felt so much better afterward. Perhaps it's because we're southerners, and that means that we use food to comfort the soul. If that is the case, I genuinely hope that it worked.

He will be missed, but I hope that they are comforted and carry on.

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