Thursday, April 22, 2010


I hate to admit this, but I miss having something to plan. I love planning. Planning the wedding was stressful and not entirely fun, but it gave me something to focus my energy on. My job is fairly mundane, so focusing my attention is fairly important. I'm trying to get some things going that I can really throw myself into - like jewelry for the Etsy shop - but I haven't quite gotten to the action phase. That's still in "gather materials needed" phase, sadly. Hopefully, I'll get my act together soon. I definitely need the distraction.


  1. Aha! Yes, I am familiar with the after-the-wedding phase. You'll find a new passion. I did after I realized I really did like throwing myself into something and began actively looking for something

  2. Totally working on it. I discovered I have a creative side during the wedding. Quite a shock, really. I always assumed I didn't have one. Job hunting, jewelry making, and going to Scarborough are going to have to do for now.