Friday, April 2, 2010

Do you Etsy?

I'm strongly considering selling my beaded jewelry on Etsy. I started making it solely for the wedding, and it seems I can't stop! Since the wedding, I made a thank-you gift for our photographer, a birthday gift for hairdresser bridesmaid, and another birthday gift for maid of honor. A coworker commissioned a piece for our banquet, and I made it specifically to match her dress. I even bought beads for myself on my honeymoon at a quaint shop in the heart of Baltimore. It seems I am firmly addicted to my new craft. I've never considered myself creative AT ALL. So, it's oddly exciting when I come up with an idea for a piece of jewelry and actually manage to make it work!

I opened an Etsy account and named it for this blog: 2ndchancehappiness. I'll let you all know when(if) I have some wares to sell!

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