Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh dear

Poor decisions were made. Fun was had. Consequences are being suffered. Nuff said.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can hardly wait!

I am so stinking happy that it's the weekend! This weekend is going to be exhausting, but totally worth while. My betrothed and I have our detail walk through at our venue to go over details of the day. HEHE! It's cool enough just to go there, but we have a meeting to detail our day! Yeah, it makes me giddy. Then I get to hang out with some awesome ladies for my hen party.

Side note: In the UK, it isn't bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's hen and stag parties. Really, I think they have it right on this one. Since I'm marrying a Brit, I think I can get away with calling it a hen party, don't you?

We're having dinner at the joint that I used to hang out at every single Friday night for a year and a half. Then we're headed to Pete's Piano Bar for some goofy head-to-head piano action. I'm petrified of trying to find something to wear though. I haven't really gone out since I met my lovely man, and I've put on a couple pounds. So, all of my going out clothes might really be a bust! Oh dear. No matter though. We will have fun.

And tomorrow....we have a lunch date with my uncle and a bridesmaid to plan the day out in order for the two of them to help us make it go the way we want. I LOVE my uncle. He's marrying us, and I just couldn't be more honored by that. It adds just one more layer of emotion to the whole affair.

Just couldn't help adding that picture! They're hens!!!! Hehe. From

Friday, January 29, 2010

Losing a non-losing battle?

Well, I gained weight this week. Not quite a full pound, but that isn't even the point. I can barely walk from the workout I put myself through on Wednesday, yet I gained weight this week. And lately, either inadvertently or not, I've been made to feel very guilty for the simple act of eating three meals a day. I guess brides are supposed to starve themselves for the last month leading up to the wedding? I'm not okay with that! I'm just so frustrated, I don't even know how to proceed. Do I keep doing what I've been doing even though it isn't actually working? Do I go on some weird fast that will make me horribly cranky (because I'm not a pleasant person when I don't eat regularly)? I don't feel there is a good option here.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh my God, Ponies!

Okay, no, this is not what you think. It is not a post about the Colts. Though, really, aren't they awesome?! Hehe......

No, no, this is a post about my teeny-tiny attention span. This week, I honestly feel like a distracted four year old. I swear to God, if there was a flashing light somewhere, it would totally captivate me.....for five seconds until the next shiny thing did. My betrothed and I mockingly call this the "Oh my God, Ponies" affect. Just watch the opening sequence to any cartoon, and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. It's all quick-moving, flashing, color splashes that only last as long as a small child's attention span in this world of video games will allow. I'd say that time span is roughly .5 of a second.

I tend to be one of those antsy people anyhow. I am not unable to relax, when the time calls for relaxation. On a daily basis, though, I detest being idle. I've had some idle time at work - there's a spans during month end where I sort of have to wait for other things to be wrapped up before I can do anything with the data - and my brain is flipping out because of it. This is due to the fact that I know that I have, oh, HOURS of unfinished wedding chores, and I'm just sitting there......THINKING about them. It is enough to drive a bride insane!

So, my mind has been jumping around from place to place, trying to find a spot to land so that I can focus. No dice. I've been making lists. Lists make me feel accomplished. Lists can be marked through to show progress. I sometimes put things on the list that I can do right that moment.....just to have something on the list that's X'ed through.

I know, I know. What can I say??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eloquent vs. Functional

So, I used that title as the subject to an email yesterday to one of my bridesmaids. She said it cracked her up and called it "the eternal struggle of a bride", or something of that nature. And so, I share it with you!

So, the current struggle involved rehearsal invitations. Do I send something formal on lovely cardstock with matching envelopes or do I send an evite? Hmmm. Well, I trekked over to a craft store, and my oh my, people think card stock that is already cut to size is very valuable stuff! I don't want to spend a sum close to what I spend on my wedding invitations on rehearsal invitations. No way. Nu-uh. So, the question became, is an evite appropriate? Would anyone refuse to come because they received and electronic invitation instead of something.....more formal? Yeah, I doubt anyone will refuse. Someone might bulk, but likely not to me. So, electronic it is!

Any opinions on the matter?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surely you jest....

I think at least once a day I think (and sometimes say quite loudly with some oomph!), "why did we decide to have a wedding again?!" I know why I'm marrying him. I want to spend my life with him. But why a WEDDING?? Ugh. I know why we decided to have a wedding, I'm just not always sold on the idea that it was the correct decision. Thank goodness this whole shebang is going off soon because I really couldn't tolerate another month of this mess.

Lord give me strength.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not enough weekend

Oh my goodness, the weekend is gone and I have nothing to show for it! I was so lazy yesterday. I grocery shopped, watched football, and napped all day. I didn't touch a single wedding project. I really need to be more diligent! BAH!

Any tips out there on how to focus??

Photo from - a lingerie blog.......because I still haven't found any I like!!! Grr.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, I think so.....

Superbowl bound! Oh yeah, my Colts rocked it. There will be much partying in this house on the 7th. Oh yes, indeed!

Image from Photobucket.

Eating my words.....and a nice strata

So, all of that getting ahead and getting things done stuff from yesterday.....yeah.....that didn't work out so well. The shower was very fun, and the food was great. I'll be recreating the spinach strata soon. After the shower, my red-headed bridesmaid and I set off to shop for the odds and ends we still need for the wedding. She was successful in finding a killer pair of heels and a cardigan for the wedding. I found skinny-legged jeans so I can wear the killer boots I bought for the honeymoon. But we found no lingerie, no hat and gloves for my betrothed, and no little cute extras for the day. I didn't even make it around to grocery shopping because we ended up hanging out with our guys who had sequestered themselves to our house to avoid the estrogen fest.

So, today, I have to do the grocery shopping, host a lunch for a groomsman and his girlfriend, watch football, and still try to get something done for the wedding so I don't feel like we accomplished nothing this weekend! Phew. I'm tired already.

More coffee.......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thinking ahead

This weekend is about one thing and one thing only......well, till 2pm on Sunday! My bridal shower is at 11 this morning. We're having a pajama brunch! I cannot wait to see everyone in their PJs. I should have bought something fun to award the most creative PJs with. Hmmm.....maybe I can come up with something before 11......anyhow. After the shower, I need to try to procure a few things.....namely some nice lingerie for the honeymoon. I don't have a stitch yet! Good grief, who goes on a honeymoon without something sexy in tow?! We also need some practical bits, like gloves for my betrothed.

The rest of the weekend needs to be spent finishing projects with a teeny, tiny break for the Colt's playoff game.........with lots of good food. YAY!

Picture from Photobucket.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The cut

We've decided that any not-yet-started projects are now cut! There are two rather sizable projects that never got started, and at this point, will never be. We'd rather not completely stress ourselves out and do a crappy job of them, so we're simply nixing them all together.

So, for the projects that will never be:
  1. Aisle Runner - I had every intention of blowing up a large monogram and painting it onto a simple custom runner with a ribbon trim.
  2. Photo Screens - I had an idea for two tri-fold screens to display photos, sort of like a static slideshow. One screen was going to be "Him", "Her", and "Us" for the three panels. The other screen was going to be in celebration of love and have a photo of any and all of our married couple friends and family. Then a lot of divorces popped up during our engagement. This started seeming like a strained idea. The screens never got made. The photos never gathered.
Better to finish the projects we have going than to stress out over the ones that aren't going to happen, right? Right.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh yes!

A month, a month, a month! We are exactly a month away!!! 31 days baby! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Hehe.

It's also the "deadline" for our RSVP cards. Guess I get to start harassing people as of tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It figures

....that my figure would be exactly the same as it was when I joined the gym. I think I expected miracle. No. I KNOW I expected miracles. My figure isn't rotten, but I really wanted to be drop-dead-hot by the wedding. I think I've lost a whole two pounds.....and maybe even gained them right back. Getting sick and not being able to work out for a week and a half certainly isn't helping my anxiety about not reaching my goal. Boo, I say! Thank God the dress already fit me at the size I am! Sheesh. :( It's just so very frustrating.

Photo from

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good night's sleep

Apparently I am not as over this whole bronchitis thing as I thought I was. Yes, I've finished my medication. Yes, I've stopped coughing (mostly). But I was exhausted after work. I fell asleep on the couch at 7:30. My betrothed woke me up, but I fell right back to sleep within five minutes. To which, he put me to bed. I slept from 8pm till my alarm went off this morning at 5:15am. Guess I was just a bit tired, huh?

In happy wedding news.....I ordered the roses for our bouquets yesterday! Fifty cherry brandy roses. I cannot wait to see them!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Totally flattered

Okay, so I am being so utterly humbled by people the closer and closer our wedding comes. Our friends and family are pouring their love and time out for us by helping with projects, planning parties, and just being so very assertively supportive. I've heard comments like "I'm telling you this now because from here on out, it's all fun and games and no bad news". I realize that's optimistic, but I like that people really just want to surround us with positiveness and joy. It is my hope that it's because they know that we love each other and that they believe in our relationship that inspires those assertions.

I'm also being blown away by the people I've hired for the wedding. I've tried to work with people I'd want to have around on my wedding day - well because I know how wretched it is to be surrounded by people that irk you during emotional situations - and because I want to support independent vendors. Call it wanting karma to come back around my way because I'd love to find a way to support myself, I guess, but it just makes me feel better about spending the money. Nichole and I - largely by the help of his blog - have been able to keep in touch with what is happening with our wedding. And I just received a wonderful gift from her......her friendship. She's also giving me a wedding present that floored me. I am so grateful that I've chosen to work with her, even though she thought my method of hiring her was a little strange. I cannot wait to see how our wedding photos come out. My hope is that you can feel the day, not just see the images. I have the utmost faith that she can capture this for us.

Image from Photobucket.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sitting in my venue, talking to my photographer Nichole with a bridesmaid, the wedding seemed more real than ever. This is really going to happen! Something about knowing exactly where I'll stand to take "formals" after the ceremony, seeing the room that I'll be slipping into that dress and heels that I adore so much, standing in the spot that I'll be holding his hand saying that I want our lives to be forever linked......I'M REALLY GETTING MARRIED! Hehe.

Oh, and my Colt's won! Huzzah!

And happy Sunday. Mine will be filled with homemade chili and a little more football.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A good day

Today is going to be AWESOME! :)

It's not off to the most awesome of starts, as I had to get up in the middle of the night to take more meds to keep from actually coughing up my lung. Getting up in the middle of the night messes with my blood sugar, so I am impatiently waiting for the cereal bar to level me out. Light-headed only sounds fun.

The guys will be here to game soon. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I make breakfast for them every Saturday. Today, I think they're getting either pancakes or waffles.

Soon after that, hairdresser bridesmaid is coming over to spend the day with me. We're going to figure out if we really want to color my hair. I've never, ever, ever colored my hair. I'm 31 and have never dyed it, not once. Part of that is a heaping helping of pride. My hair grows in red, and I find that natural red hair is a bit rare. The other part is sheer terror! Hairdresser bridesmaid explained how you have to destroy your own pigment for the cuticle to open and accept artificial color, therefore your hair will never, ever, ever be the color it was again. I trust her on this stuff. The thought of never having natural hair again is horrifying. It's just that.....well I am 31. I don't know if you've noticed but redheads grey.......early and a lot. I'm somewhat lucky. My mother is a natural red, and she's been very grey since 17. Her very naturally red cousin has a two inch streak of grey that happened in high school as well. My dad on the other hand, who is also a natural redhead, really never did grey. His hair just faded and faded and now he's blond. While I don't have a two inch streak of grey, I do have quite a bit. And like my father, the red isn't as vibrate as in my early 20s. So, I am so torn and SO VERY SCARED! We'll do what she thinks is best though. She's never lead me astray.

We also get to see my photographer Nichole AT my venue! That's super exciting. The Atriums is hosting an open house today from 11an to 3pm!

And tonight is the Colt's playoff game! We're having two groomsmen, two bridesmaids, and another close friend to watch the game. I'm making one of my betrothed's favorites: cheese rangoons. I'll add panko-crusted, oven-baked chicken nuggets and four layer dip. It's four layers because I have so many picky eaters among my friends. So, I just do the least objectionable layers.

So, that should all lead to one awesome, yet tumultuous day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Making the most illness?

The doc said I have bronchitis, most likely caused by seasonal allergies since I've been diagnosed by that doc for bronchitis in the winter time (every other year in the winter to be exact) four times. I knew my eyes itched after the cold front last week, but I didn't have a clue it would lead to an infection that would knock me on my butt! So, I'm home again today. That was a hard decision because it uses up my precious vacation time. But I still feel extremely weak. I'm coughing a great deal. Oh, and the antibiotics have made me more ill than the illness did. Don't you just love that?!

So, I'm making the most of being stuck on the couch (between the fevered sweats) with my laptop. I ordered these gorgeous tags for our favors from Davita Photography on Etsy, but in different colors. I love that yellow, but I wanted something slightly more neutral.

Now, I am looking for good waterproof mascara and possibly some lovely underthings after reading Mouse's post. I'm also hoping to finalize what sort of fill-in table decor we may need and order it today. I think that's about all I can manage with this crud in my chest. Hopefully those little things will help me feel accomplished.

Photo from Davita Photography.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, today I'm going to have to head off to the doctor's office. I'm not happy about this at all. I started feeling funny on Monday. By yesterday, I sounded like a walking petrie dish. I felt so bad for being around people at the office and possible making them sick. I tried to stay away from people as much as possible. There's been a very evil little virus going around, landing people in the hospital with viral pneumonia. I doubt that is what I have, but considering the wedding is in 38 days, and there are still things to get done and parties to attend......I simply cannot let this cold ride itself out! So, let's hope they can give me some sort of magic elixer to make me feel like a normal human being again.

Photo from

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My dapper man!

I am soooooo excited! My betrothed went for his tux fitting last night. I just cannot wait to see him all decked out in his duds. He's going to look awesome in it! This is his above in the gold. All the other guys will be in the espresso below.
Nice, right??

Images courtesy of Al's Formalwear.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outside the box - Our venue

We actually went to this venue first. We liked it so much that it became the benchmark for the other two venues. So, perhaps they never had a chance. We chose it because it was indoors, but looks like it's outdoors. It has an amazing water feature. It has covered parking. They provide all sorts of things including tables, chairs, white linens, and some table decor in the rental fee. Plus, Geni has just been a doll to work with. All in all, it just seemed completely right for us.

We went with the Atriums at Park West, which is the atrium in an office complex. The atrium is rented out by Creative Cuisine Group, who is doing all of our food. We're doing an Italian theme, and they have been very accommodating. They have tweaked items on their regular menu and added new items for us. When I told them I wanted a cocktail reception, we didn't get any sass and weren't made to feel that we were short-changing our guests. Plus, the space is a blank canvas! The trees and fountain are fixed, but everything else can be moved to create any space we choose. We are hoping a slightly unconventional setup for the ceremony will work out. We're very pleased, and I just cannot wait to walk down the aisle....where ever we chose for the aisle to be!

Photos by Creative Cuisine Group.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Outside the box - Venue #2

Our runner-up venue was so hard to pass up! It was stunning. It suited the Italian theme. It was in a pituresque town square. I'm talking about Piazza in the Village in Colleyville. It's a little chapel and ballroom specifically designed for weddings. It looks like it dropped right out of Italy. The bridal suite nearly brought me to tears. The groom's suite had an Xbox how cool is it that they didn't shaft the guys after giving the brides such a fantastic dressing quarter?! I am still a little bit in love with Piazza. Sadly, we would have had to use the chapel and the courtyard because we couldn't afford the ballroom. And even at just using the tiny courtyard, the rental fee was three times the rental fee of the venue we did go with. Now, don't get me wrong, you get more with Piazza for that fee.....especially in the little luxuries for the bride and groom. So, if we had a slightly bigger budget, we very likely would have gone with them. It's a total must-see if you plan a wedding in DFW. It was truly beautiful, unique, and the staff was extremely accommodating.

Chapel at Piazza in the Village.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've been a lazy blogger today! I know, I know. It's late in the day and still no post. Bad blogger bride! Bad!

The day has been spent on laundry (the only cleaning that did not get accomplished yesterday), slow cooking a roast for dinner, and sitting at the dining table with my betrothed each of us crafting different objects for the wedding. I would have to say that you can tell how near the wedding is drawing by how we're choosing to spend our free time. We're both rather hunched over the table in quiet contemplation of our tasks. That is until a random idea or opinion is blurted out. Then back to silent diligence. It's actually a pretty phenomenal way to spend the day. I'm digging it.

More exciting post tomorrow. Promise.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Project Clean the House is GO! The boys are gaming at someone else's house today. This means that I have my house completely to myself until about 5-6 tonight. This house is wretchedly filthy! Well, for what I prefer that is. Nothing is growing or anything, but there are piles of unattended clutter and tubs that need scrubbing. That's a state I do not like to see in my home. I'm taking the opportunity to reclaim the usual cleanliness of my house today so that I can move forward with the wedding preparations with a clear mind. After all, my environment is something that can truly affect my mood for the worst!

Give me strength! :)

Image from wordpress.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Outside the box - Venue #3

Our venue isn't all that.......traditional. I looked at all of the wedding venues in the area and even as far as a few hours outside of the area too online. I knew we didn't want a church ceremony and a hotel ballroom reception, and well, that is really how most of those venues felt to me. I wanted both the ceremony and the reception in the exact same space. I didn't want to deal with the logistics of moving people and arranging transportation. Plus, one space equals one rental fee, not two.

So, after eliminating all but one "wedding" venue, I stated typing keywords into Google Maps: winery, vineyard, atrium, and garden. From that, there were so many more good spots to look through! There was a winery that I loved, but they were booked on our date. I still want to go do one of their tours/tastings. It's called Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. Shame it was booked, but I think it turned out all right.

In the end, we visited three venues. I'll start with number three!

La Buena Vida
is a vineyard in Grapevine. It has a stunning patio! It has two fountains and flagstone. There were gas-flame scones on every beam. The setting was truly lovely. Unfortunately, the building that went with it was very small, so if it was cold, we didn't have enough space to accommodate our guests. Also, every thing was completely line-item, so things added up fast. Very little was actually included in the rental fee. Also, you couldn't use anything but their wine without a large fee, and all rentals had to be self-secured. It was just too overwhelming for me. I was hoping to find something that was a bit more all-inclusive, so we passed on it. If you're having a wedding in late spring to early fall, this patio is definitely a must-see.

Photo from

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Can I just rant about icy roadways a bit? Oh good! I HATE IT! There is nothing worse than trying to decide if you'll take your life into your hands to go to work today. Granted, it's an subconscious decision we probably make every day. Some days those decisions just aren't so subconscious. When there is ice on the road, I am quite aware of my mortality and the state of my vehicle. I hate it when it's like this! What to do? Take a hit to my vacation and call it a random day off? Put my vehicle and my life at risk? It is tax season after all. This is always a struggle for me.

Ice from Wikipedia.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Takes the cake

We visited our cake guy again last week to hand over some key items and settle up our bill. I love our cake guy. His name is Butch over at Delicious Cakes! in Addison. They have a location in Ft. Worth as well. I met Butch at the Ft. Worth bridal show. He had a green chef's jacket with a button that had bridezilla with one of those red cross out jobs over it. That cracked me up! I started talking with him.....then I tried the cake. Wow! So, I set an appointment.

I really didn't have a clue what I wanted in a bridal cake, but we had definite ideas about the groom's cake. I told him the ideas, which are a bit unorthodox, and he never balked. He never said....."honey, are you sure you wanna do this?!" Nope! He drew it out and added more embellishment than I could have provided. It was awesome. Then I showed him our colors and my wedding earrings and asked for suggestions on my cake. Apparently my earrings were great inspiration. He drew an entire cake from them!!! I get leaves (Woohoo!). My cake is cassata. His is Texas Turtle.

I'm very excited about our cakes, and I'm really glad we chose this bakery. Check them out!

Cake by Delicious Cakes! specialty gallery. And no, this is not my cake. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There is a lot to look forward to at the end of this month - my shower and my hen party - but there really isn't anything but tedium until then. I'm working on projects and working out (my goal is every work day). I just hope that the first part of this month goes quickly so that I can get to the fun.

Any ideas that could make the next three weeks a bit more fun?

This photo just cracked me up because I don't think diet aides have gotten any better or more realistic. From

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, I am happy to announce that we were FAR more productive this weekend than we were last weekend. My betrothed put the finishing touches on two of his projects and started a third. I put the finishing touches on one and started two.

Mom and I spent three hours on our feet at my kitchen table (which is counter-height and for these projects that has been so very handy) cutting fabric that I bought on clearance for table toppers. They aren't going to be large enough to completely eliminate the white linens the venue provides, but it will provide the splashes of color and ambiance I want here and there. We still have a bit to do to finish those out, but I think we are very close to being done. Perhaps another two hours worth of work for this coming weekend. Sunday, I completely finished my guest book. Not to sound too proud, but I love it. It looks very homemade, but I actually dig it for this project. I made both covers by hand, put engagement photos and scrapbooking stickers on the pages, and tied it in ribbon. Then I started on the table decor. I'm turning empty wine bottles into something personal for each table.

Overall, I think it was a good weekend for wedding tasks. Let's see if I can manage to finish those project this week so that they don't linger like the others have!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bedding down

My betrothed and I made a huge purchase this weekend. On the first, we bought a brand new mattress! From a real mattress store! I've never done that.....EVER. I've always gotten hand-me-down mattresses or mattresses purchased at those seconds places that always look a tad sketchy. The mattress we'd been sleeping on was so bowed in the middle that we couldn't help but sleep on top of each other. It also loved to jab it's springs in my hips. Not the best recipe for a good night's sleep.

They delivered the mattress last night. We got one of those fancy space foam jobbies. It's odd. I think it forced us to sleep in appropriate positions and alignment and so we hurt in all new ways you'd hurt after a massage. The good hurt.

There's a hazzard though....since it's all uniform, there is no lip to let you know you've reached the edge of the mattress! And this one is so tall that I hop into bed, so I'm a good three feet off the floor. I nearly fell out of bed twice, and I think that would hurt. This will take some getting used to. I'm glad we did it though. It's our investment in good sleep and better heath for the new year. It's also a matter of ONLY us having slept in the bed that we'll be starting our married life in. Perhaps that is odd or superstitious, but it mattered.

Here's to better sleep!

Because we want to sleep like those little babies manage to! Photo by my betrothed.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My cousin's wedding

The youngest of my line in the family was married New Year's Eve in a tiny white chapel in our hometown. The pastor joked that they said they expected about 15 people, and I think there wasn't a seat to be had when all was said and done. My six year old nephew stood up on the stage proudly with both of my handsome cousins. The music wouldn't work properly, so the bride walked down the isle to my cousin in silence. Both are soldiers, but only one looked it that day. The other looked all radiant and bridal. Both smiled a lot. One cried. And lots of babies cooed and chattered. After, there was punch and cake in the church rectory. Very vintage in feel.

I think I'll remember most that they both had huge, joyful smiles and that they held hands the entire if for dear life. I was moved by that. And I cried at this wedding.

Must love and happiness to you both!

Photo by me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Treat #6

Happy New Year! I think I'm just excited because we get married this year! Woot!

Friday Treat this week has to call upon tradition. We'll be having black-eyed peas for luck, cabbage for wealth, and positively no poultry! The black-eyed peas are going to be spiced with hot sauce and perhaps a little okra to make a truly southern side. The cabbage will come in the form of sauerkraut crusted pork loin roast. That's so simple. Just crust the roast in said kraut sprinkle with a little sugar and cider vinegar (or whatever you have, red wine vinegar works well too) seal with foil and cook at 325 for a few hours...until the thermometer says done. Tender and moist every time.

Cheers to you at the start of this new decade!