Friday, April 30, 2010

A problem of memory

This Sunday, the ladies I belly dance with and I have a performance. We're doing a very, very quick dance. It's WAY FUN.....but it's also very tricky. There are good and bad sides to quick dances. The good is that if you miss a step, so long as you think quick, you can catch back up without too much notice due to the fact that we really aren't holding positions for extended periods. The bad part is that we're moving so fast that it is very easy to miss a step! Catch 22, right?

I promised myself an extended practice sessions for the next few nights after the last rehearsal before the Hafla (performance) on Wednesday was a disaster! I turned the wrong way. I missed whole sections. I stepped on and nearly tripped over my shirt. Man oh man! I don't want to embarrass myself (too much). So, practice makes perfect. Or so I hope. Thursday night's practice was......less than stellar. I ran through it till I literally couldn't go any further (and was dying of heartburn from shimmying so much after dinner), and I did not have a "perfect" dance in the lot. Good grief! More practice is necessary!

Hopefully it will stick! Here's to trying.

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