Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On a personal note

I believe I told you all about the dungeon that magically appears almost every Saturday morning in our front room. Well, we found a way to bring the dungeon from our front room to our wedding. I had the idea of making the groom's cake a mock D&D board. I remember mentioning it during a sort of brain-storming session during our planning and watching my betrothed's face light up. He had no idea that could even happen (or that I'd want it at our wedding). I was all for it! It was actually high on my list of priorities, which made me spend a little more money and a little more time on it.

My groom took this idea and ran with it as well. He actually hand-painted every single topper on the cake. He made a host of epic "bad guys" and made each groomsman as part of the "good guys". Those figurines represented a character that each groomsman had played in a game with my groom. It was their gift to take at the end of the wedding. Oh yeah, my groom made the trees out of twisted copper wire as well. This cake was truly the most personal thing my groom had to represent him, his hobbies, and his friends at the wedding. It was a total hit too! Those that understood it (and it was a small group) absolutely loved it.

Oh, and it was delicious too.

Photos by A Love Story Photography. Cake by Delicious Cakes! Figures by Reaper, painted by my by one.....and some painted twice because he's a perfectionist.

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