Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday.....oh yes

We've made it! Wow, some weeks just seem endless. And of course, ever week during Scarborough seems longer and harder due to having to catch up for the time spent having fun instead of being productive as well as the anticipation of having more fun in the weekend to come! This weekend, I get a special treat. Hairdresser bridesmaid is going with me!!! For some odd reason, when we walk around together, people randomly call us Trouble! Now why do you suppose that is??

But first.....a date at home with my love! Time for us to slow down, sit with beers while something yummy grills up for us, and just spend some time enjoying each other before the weekend gets hectic. Friday nights and Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week!

I hope you have something wonderful planned for yours!

Okay, so maybe I DO know why they call us Trouble....and I like it.

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