Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The thing that started my DIY craze

This little box. So simple, yet I loved the idea. Just a few days after getting engaged, we attended our friends' wedding. We brought a card with a gift inside. A lot of people brought cards with gifts inside. What do you do with this card? It's so little. It's flat. It's in a non-noticeable, non-obnoxious color. How am I to assure myself that the bride and groom will, indeed, get this little gift. Well, there was a stack of cards, so I just added to the stack. Then in my newly engaged state, I searched for a way to deal with the card issue. I found the this idea on Do It Yourselves Weddings. I thought it was brilliant! It was also very affordable; way under $20 due to the use of lots of remnants and found items around the house.

The best part: people used it! It was stuffed to the gills at the wedding.

Photo by A Love Story Photography.

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