Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the moment you've all been waiting for.....

Today feels almost more important and certainly more chaotic than tomorrow. Yeah, I get married tomorrow, but you plan and plan and plan for that. Today is the rehearsal. You don't rehearse the rehearsal. I mean, that would be redundant, right? So, today is the first day for most of my immediate family, most of his immediate family, all the maids, and all the men to come together in one spot with the goal of learning how to make tomorrow even better and more seamless. Then we all dine together. To me, today has FAR more potential for disaster, as all of these people have never been in one place at one time or worked together ever before. Will there be dominance struggles? Will they all get along for the good of the common goal? There's simply no way to know. I went to dinner with hairdresser bridesmaid and redheaded bridesmaid last night.....after pedicures! And they both said that they are looking more forward to today than tomorrow because they want to see all of this potential drama play out. They giggled in the acknowledgment that their enjoyment comes at the cost of my stress level and fleeing sanity. I really can't blame them. I'm curious myself. Just not in the fun way they seem to be.

Eh, it will all be fine. Or it won't. But I'll still be married at the end of this weekend!

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