Thursday, February 18, 2010


This week has been excruciatingly long! I'm finally waking up to the last morning of work before the wedding. That's big. That means the next time I walk into the building for working purposes, I'll have a different name. I say it that way because I still have to go up and pick up my paycheck on Friday, name unchanged.

This brings me to names. I struggled a bit. Do I take his or don't I? Do I? Don't I? See, I love my albeit difficult last name. It's one of the few connections to my dad that has stayed constant. But, honestly, I don't need that name remain connected to him. We have an understanding and a bond that goes past me bearing his sir name. By taking my betrothed's name, I feel that I have chosen to be a part of him and his family. He's ambivalent, but I feel that sharing a name will bring us closer. Or maybe it's just me wanting to be old-fashioned. Just seems wrong NOT to do so....for me. You other ladies do what feels right for you. My mom is hyphenated. I can't do that. It would give me a nineteen character last name! All German with a hyphen. Good Lord. Can you imagine the telemarketer calls! He thinks I should do that just because of the hilarity that is sure to ensue! No, it's just too much.

So, I'm off to try to work one more day. Whoo.....wish me luck.

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