Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Run through

So, the rehearsal was Saturday. One theme dictated at first: LOST. Nearly everyone got completely and utterly lost trying to find the venue. It's not exactly a typical wedding venue or even an event venue. It's an office complex. The address says it's on a highway, and it isn't. All the online map and direction providers conspire against this place, because they all give incorrect directions. So, a few people drove right to the place (I think with the help of the handy-dandy map and directions from the invitations, but perhaps not). Everyone else, had to make one if not many phone calls to find it. We had the space for an hour for the rehearsal, and thank goodness, because one showed up forty-five minutes late. Then apparently, when people did arrive, the parking garage refused to allow them to park. Ugh. The day of the wedding I sent out an email trying to make sure my guests don't get equally lost, warning them of the online map situation. Fun times.

The rehearsal was genuinely good though. I felt love in the room. People listened (something severely lacking in most parts of the wedding planning). We talked through it, then walked through it twice. No sweat. I was quite impressed, as I expected far more mass chaos. Nope. Listening, doing, and lots of laughing. Could anyone ask for more?

The luncheon was also fabulous. BJs pizza garnered praise from my Italian mother-in-law! Woot!! Everyone loved their gifts and much camaraderie was had that I had been sorely missing. It was one of those genuinely good days full of good memories. Thank you to all that contributed.

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