Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seeing Red

Well, guys and dolls, I bit the bullet. I made it to 31 before ever dying my hair. Yesterday, my hairdresser bridesmaid put a demi color in my hair, because I'm far too much of a baby about my hair to do anything permanent. This is basically pigment that doesn't damage the cuticle at all and will wash completely out of my hair in about four weeks, leaving me with my natural hair color once again. We went with the color closest to my own, which is really a light red.....the color on the box said golden bronze. It was quick, painless, and quite pleasant smelling, oddly enough. Seems the stuff you can buy in a professional store instead of an aisle at a drug store is quite a bit less noxious. In 20 minutes, my hair was rinsed and already noticeably shinier. YAY! This was really the goal. Being that we're having a wedding after several months of heater blasting at me, my hair looks dull and dry. I did not want that to be the image captured in my photos. I wanted it to look glossy and healthy, and this was the how my very trusted friend said was the best way to achieve that. I just take her word on all things hair. Desired smoothness accomplished! And it's just a tiny bit redder too. HEHE! Three cheers for Matrix products.

Over all, yesterday was a bit of a beating but a productive one. The table top fabrics are complete. The house is clean. My hair is dyed, and several shopping trips are now done. Today, I have to try to finish some other projects and cook for the Superbowl! All chores cease at 5:20 today......kickoff in case you didn't know.

Okay, time to get moving. Enjoy your Sunday, all!

Found this picture on (after following a link from Celia's page). I feel this way a lot right now. Find wall. Bang head. Repeat until you feel better.

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