Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forever starts here

Conversation as we drifted off to sleep.....

Me: Is it Christmas yet?
Him: Soon but you have to sleep first.......and wait an entire day.
Me: Doh, poor planning.................

The last few things are left to load into the Element.....Ruby has her seats latched to the interior walls so that we could adequately load her down with decorations, speakers, flowers, and the like. the last few things are left to be loaded after a truly chaotic, busy, productive, joyful day yesterday. We're enjoying the calm before the storm (which is funny because it's pouring ferociously outside our house right now and is supposed to stop later). It's just me and him right now....relaxing and about to sip a cappuccino with a nip of Frangelico and a biscotti. This will be a good day. Oh yes.

Photos of stuff that still needs to find space in the car for the trek to the venue......and the manicure set I used this morning. :)

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