Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A case of nerves?

So the conversation goes like this......

Him: I'm ready for this to be over so that people will stop asking me if I'm nervous yet.
Me: Yeah, I get that a lot. Are you?
Him: No.....but I can feel it building.
Me: Really? You're getting nervous? Or do you just think they want to hear that?
Him: No, I feel that sort of build up in the back of my mind.
Me: Honey, why are you nervous?
Him: I'm waiting for the huge, inevitable disaster to happen.
Me: OH! I thought you were saying you were nervous about marrying me. (Phew)
Him: of course not.

HAHA! I told him right after that conversation over cooking dinner would have to be today's blog. That's priceless if you ask me.

Then right as we snuggled down for the night.....

Him: So.......are you nervous yet?

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