Thursday, February 11, 2010


First things first, apologies for not blogging yesterday. I had something all written out in my head....and somehow that translated in my over-whelmed brain to being done. I didn't realize I'd never actually typed it till half way to work.....where I don't have any access. I'll try to think of something fun to make up for it later today.

Well, folks, we are ten days out! TEN! Can you EVEN believe it, because part of me really can't. The other part genuinely wishes we were done and on our honeymoon. Don't get me wrong, I am still totally ready and excited to call this man my husband. I am looking forward to being on my brother's arm, staring at the man that I'm about to pledge my love and faithfulness to in an official forum standing next to my uncle beaming with joy. I'm looking forward to giggling with my bridesmaids. (And Lord I hope I giggle instead of yell and throw fits! That being a monster just because you're a bride thing just doesn't fly with me.) I'm looking forward to looking around the room and soaking in the community of those around us, who will support our marriage. What I am not looking forward to is any additional drama from anyone at this point. Yeah, there's been some....inadvertently and intentionally. Making sure everything is done has been a huge task, comprised of a zillion tiny tasks instead of one or two big ones. I have every confidence it will be done. Wait, no, I have every confidence that we'll be married regardless if they all get done. That's probably a better way of looking at things! The hugeness of this has just made itself very known these past few days. That's all.

And today. with beautiful snow falling all over our yard and Denton county, we're headed to the county clerk's office for our marriage license! HOW EXCITING IS THAT?! Exciting and expensive. Yeah, there's a new thing in Texas.....mandated pre-marital counseling. I have an issue with counseling that is imposed upon me through no fault of my own, unless deciding that this person is the person I want to spend my life with is some sort of character flaw! I guess think it was an okay idea if it had an age limit or something - because 18 year olds can tend to make hasty decisions - but I'm in my thirties and he's just a few months from it. I'm not opposed to counseling. Far from it! I'm opposed to it being forced on me without any real cause. No, we'll pay the penalty for not taking the counseling. (Stepping back of the soapbox.....for now.)

Wish us luck! I hope that his citizenship doesn't cause any issues. I couldn't find anything on the subject online.

Don't you love LOLcats??

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