Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready, Set, Snow!

Dear me! It dropped 10 inches of show in our area. The record (ever) is 12.1. WHAT THE?! Well, I took great advantage of it! As I said, we got our license! That was the goal of taking the day off. I also put the finishing touches on a gift, and I think I finished our playlists for the wedding! I need to give each a listen from start to finish to make sure nothing needs tweaking, but I am very happy with what I accomplished yesterday. I honestly feel like we are so close to being done, and I am grateful for that. The day off gave me a renewed sense of calm. I'm still not back in the nice near-zen state, but I'm getting closer to it.

Wish me luck on getting to work today. I'm waiting for sun up before I attempt it! After all, it's over 20 miles and involves a bridge spanning a lake!

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