Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yet another Etsy to the rescue moment has happened in this wedding! Can I just say that it is totally fantastic to have so many crafty people at my fingertips! Use this resource! If you take nothing else from this whole silly wedding blog.....take Etsy and use it. Anyhow, I found MiniBelle on Etsy. She makes custom, handmade hair accessories. I wanted simple Swarovski crystal u-pins....as in one crystal on a pin. I asked if she could do anything in the colors I need, and this is the sample she made to see if I liked it. Is it NOT gorgeous?! I must have. Oh yes. Must have. Hehe! And such an affordable luxury! This made me completely giddy for at least an hour. Yeah, I'm easy to please some times. Ha!

Photo from MiniBelle on Etsy.com!

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