Monday, May 10, 2010

BBQ bounty

Our mother's day celebration was fantastic. My grandmother decided to host a barbecue for the clean out the freezer. I'm all for that sort of thing! I swear though, if you didn't know my family, you might be utterly dumbfounded by the amount of meat we cooked. I believe my grandmother's goal is to feed us all week from that one meal. All of us. Yeah, her whole entire family, all week. The meal was so delicious. Now, I have several steaks, a huge piece of pork, and several chicken breasts in my fridge, waiting for me to transform it into something even more fabulous. Last night, one of the steaks was sliced and piled between rye sandwich rolls with homemade horseradish mayo and broiled provolone. NUM. Some of it is definitely going into enchiladas! Yeah, it will be a fun week of reinventing all that lovely BBQ'ed meat. I'm excited about the possibilities.

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