Thursday, May 20, 2010

A complete charmer

Deciding on an officiant was so hard for us! We have a church affiliation, but neither of us felt particularly comfortable going to our pastors to ask them to marry us. Somehow, it just didn't feel right. We started thinking about friends or family that we knew were ordained. Again, no one felt ideal. Over and over, I kept going back to one person. He's not ordained, as far as I knew, yet he was really the only one I could imagine. Period.

It took me weeks to work up the nerve to ask him. Weeks! For some reason, the idea of putting him out or being rejected was so horrifying to me. It was all very silly, of course, but it was a very real anxiety. It literally took my fiance putting his foot down and telling me I had to do it THAT DAY in order to get me to do it.

You all know by know that it was my uncle that performed our ceremony, and that he was PERFECT for the role. I cannot even describe to you how wonderful it was to hear his voice say those words that we'd poured our hearts into. And he was so full of emotion, so happy for us, and his happiness was infused with every word he said. When the mic went out and he had to talk above the problem. That man can PROJECT! And he looked at me with such love and uninhibited joy the entire time.

If I can give you any advice about officiants, it would be to go with someone that genuinely knows you.....someone that knows your heart. My uncle knows me very well, and he was just enamored with my fiance too. He even gave me a speech about how wonderful the man I choose this time around was. I know that sounds odd, or like an insult to my choice the first time, but it was actually quite touching.

Picking him was definitely one of the best decisions we made during out planning process. tomorrow. They aren't working (again) this morning. Boo!

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