Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderful weekend

This weekend was like the definition of why I wanted to marry my husband. We spent the whole weekend together - a rarity - and it was just so lovely. We stayed in Friday night, munching on our favorite smoked cheddar from Metzler's. Saturday, we left for Scarborough very early to try to beat some of the heat. It was pirate weekend, and we embraced it! The hubby even whipped up a braided rope belt because he felt it was far more appropriate and wore a head wrap that I made from remnants last Halloween. I was all leather and lace. We walked through the fairground, usually hand and hand. It was just so comfortable and fun. We treated ourselves to BJs pizza on the way back to officially celebrate our three month's married mark! But Sunday is really why we work. We started cleaning the house together at 8 in the morning (we'd been up several hours, so don't think we jumped out of bed and started cleaning). We worked together to get some of the problem areas cleared up (finally). Later in the afternoon, when the house was all tidy, we lounged on the couch together, strewn with kitties. Then we crafted together - me beading at one side of the table, him painting on the other side. Then dinner and more lounging. That lazy at-home time when no one else is around is priceless, and it's what I look forward to every week. Sometimes we don't get it, but we do try to make sure we get it.

I hope Monday goes smoothly!

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