Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos promised, photos delivered

Before the uncle came to let us know we only had seven minutes till "curtain". (There's a "good" version of this photo, and this emotional version. I like the emotional one.)

This speech about how proud he was of me and how wonderful he thought my very-soon-to-be husband is was the only thing that had me well up that day. To hear him tell me he's proud and to have his My maids were behind me (some in tears at this speech, but it ended in a joyful uproar of laughter when he announced that now we only had five minutes!).

Enjoying the view after a job well done.

Yeah, just try to take this smile away! Dare ya.
(There is one of us looking at the camera....but I love the emotion in this one way better.)

The hubby is drinking and looks stressed because of the chaos that ensued when they realize the license had been mislaid! I didn't know anything about it. The new husband and the proud uncle let me dance away while they searched for it!

He took his glasses off so they wouldn't gleam and ruin the photo....he just wanted everything to be perfect for us.

Pure love and joy. Now, how can you ask for more?! If you're in the planning process, please, please, please get someone that loves you this much and knows you this well and will look on you with this much pride to marry you. You'll thank me later.

All photos from the fabulous A Love Story Photography.

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