Saturday, May 8, 2010

Date night

So, Friday treats have dwindled a bit. We still have them, but they're not quite as grand as they had been in the past. This week, I had a very strong desire for one thing. A date. An honest to goodness date. A friend had a wonderful first date, the kind that makes you glow with happiness and excitement, this week. It made me so very nostalgic for when my honey and I met for the first time. I remember the excitement and the nerves. I remember talking very, very fast because I was so jittery. We talked and talked, so much so that the waitress couldn't get us to make an order for lack of reading the menu for over an hour. It was the best date I'd ever had, hands-down!

So, after seeing my friend all aflutter, I really wanted to go on a date too. know, with my husband. Perhaps that's odd, but I love going on dates with him still. We haven't really gone out much lately. That's partly because we've been watching our pennies since we bite the bullet with the car. But even more importantly, we haven't had the time. Our Saturdays have been so packed that we don't have the energy to do anything on Sunday. So, I thought we'd sneak up on the drain of Saturday and go out on Friday night. And it worked! We had a lovely meal and a pitcher of Harp at our favorite neighborhood English pub. The we walked around this epic bookstore near the restaurant. Great evening. Just want I needed. Some alone time, out, talking and talking with the man I love.

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