Thursday, May 6, 2010

He makes me feel like dancin'

Our first dance ended up being quite an effort in love and patience. We were only able to take one lesson due to scheduling conflicts, so we had to depend on memory and a lot of practice time in our living room. We weren't great, but I thought we were certainly doing better than the "sway, sway, step" most brides and grooms do.

Our music came up. We assumed the locked elbow, straight backed position. Started to dance, and then......the music stopped. Yep. The sound system turned out to be too powerful for the outlets available to us at the venue (the venue disputes this fact but the speakers worked every time we switched outlets.....four or five different times during the night). Throughout the night, the speakers would inexplicable stop working. And it happened during our first dance, about 45 seconds in.

Thankfully, we simply laughed, kissed, exclaimed "FAIL!" together, and off went my groom to make the music work again. When he managed to get it running again, we started dancing from right where we left. We didn't start the song over or anything like that. Just simply finished our unfinished dance. We didn't pout or scream or refuse to finish. We were in such good moods that we literally laughed the whole time about it. It seemed "us" in a way. Imperfect and just right. He'd only done the first dance because it meant a lot to me anyhow. At the end, he lowered me into a swooping dip and kissed me. He'd never done that. It was one of my favorite moments of the night. I actually forgot all of our guests were there in that moment, and it was just us.

There was supposed to be photos on this post, but our network isn't cooperating. I'll post those tomorrow.

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