Friday, May 28, 2010

Pubs are Us

We ended our engagement session at the pub on the square. They literally let us take over the joint! The even recommended other areas in the pub to shoot in. How cool is that?

I was a little worried that engagement photos with beers in our hands was a bit too much, but honestly, I love these shots. Even if they're really just for us than anyone else.

We were literally blocking servers. I don't know why they put up with us! They'd just wait patiently with trays of food.

I know that some people think that engagement sessions are something easy to cut out to save money. As frugal as I was, this was simple a must for me. I wanted to have some great non-wedding photos of us. Plus, we really got to know our photographer (very important as she was in the room with me when I got dressed, so being comfortable with her and all the other ladies in the room really helped me stay even-keel). We were with her for two hours. We're not in front of cameras often, so it really helped us loosen up and made us both more comfortable with having one pointed at us for extended periods. And honestly, I LOVE the photos. Totally worth the money.

Photos by A Love Story Photography.

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