Sunday, November 8, 2009


The wedding was sweet and traditional. Very enjoyable. They both looked so happy. Honestly, I thought as someone who was engaged to be married, very soon, I would have been very emotional. This was not so. I stayed dry-eyed and very happy throughout the ceremony and reception. Afterward, I became very concerned that this meant that something was wrong with me. Like my tear ducts were broken. I mean, shouldn't someone that is about to be wed (someone that tears up at the very thought of certain aspects that we have planned for our nuptials) cry at someone else's wedding?? My betrothed assured me that it is not a bad sign, but I am not sold. I wonder if this happened to anyone else?

As a side note, GO COLTS. Still undefeated as of today.

And to Mr. & Mrs. J, all the happiness of a wonderful marriage!

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