Saturday, November 21, 2009

Road trip!

Today will be a good.....but very Today, we are headed south to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, TX. That means I get time alone with just my betrothed, some good music, and a notebook for roughly four hours. There will be the travel neccessity of Runts (or Sweettarts in a pinch) and Monster for him and likely granola bars or trail mix and coffee for me. WEE!!!!

The notebook, however, is not part of our normal travel items. I hope to take advantage of being with my love and in a car without a computer or television to distract me to try to draft part of our vows.....old fashion-like with pen and paper instead of word document and keyboard. Sounds inspiring, I think.

I'm also super excited because we've never been to this festival together. So, we get to make all new memories and maybe even a tradition. Who knows?! It's just me and him and the possibilities are endless.

Just as a side note.......we have EXACTLY three months to go! HUZZAH!

Photo captured by my future father-in-law earlier this season of a couple wed at TRF. Yeah, don't think it didn't cross my mind when the planning process started. Hehe.

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