Saturday, November 14, 2009

Power of community

There have been moments in our wedding planning when I felt very much alone. I detested the feeling. I'd hope that planning this wedding would be a much fuller, richer experience than the last. I'd even hope it would bring me closer to people. Suddenly, during a conversation with one of the lovely ladies standing up for me, I felt alone. She was talking about her wedding and how she had an army of helpers. I have no such army. I have a few hard-working friends and some very dedicated family (and trust me, if I didn't have their support, we would never dream of having a wedding), but not an army.

So, the lingering feeling was that, again, I was doing this all alone. I'd read blogs about how bride's loved ones came together to create the entire affair and how they felt loved.....and feel alone.

Then, this week, my mom stopped by to see what I'd gotten done. She praised it all: every piece, every decision. She promised help with an overwhelming table-covering project. All four of my lovely bridal party got ahold of me this week. Talks of group projects, showers, and dresses ensued. And I finally called my uncle and asked him what seemed like an impossible thing to ask a person. I asked him to serve as our officiant. He said yes so boisterously that I teared up (and missed my exit on the highway).

So, today, I feel a less isolated. I feel like though I might not ever have a full-fledged army, I have a pretty wicked brigade. What more could I ask for? So, thank you all if you're reading this. You came through for me right when I needed you.

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