Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is my vow

When my uncle graciously accepted as our officiant, he asked what kind of vows we would be exchanging. That seems like a fair question, and I gave what I’d hope to be a fair answer. It went something like this:

Simple, traditional, short vows.”

“Who’s tradition?”

“Who’s? Um, Christianity’s? “

“Well, which denomination? Have you looked?”

“Um……no…..actually I haven’t. I’ll do that. I should be able to get that to you by week’s end.”

I have no clue what possessed me to think that choosing something as important and meaningful as our marriage vows would be either quick or easy. I’ve been reading vows for two days now, and I cannot say that I’ve heard the alarm bell of success nor had that great epiphany moment. At this point, I simply have a word document open on my desktop with random vows from all sorts of denominations, sects, and sources. I hope that somewhere in this jumble of words I will be able to piece together the promises and sentiments that feel right, the ones that will start us on the path to a happy and fulfilled marital relationship. After all, they aren’t just word. They’re promises. To God and to each other. Very, very important promises.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to look into this……..

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