Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Runner-up dress

My dress shopping experience was a bit unusual. I set out looking for the dress before I had the ring, officially. I thought it would take FOREVER to find something I liked in a price I was willing to afford, and so, I needed a head start on this whole dress business. I set an appointment with a lovely boutique and went alone on a rainy Saturday. The saleslady was fantastic! She didn't make me feel like I was being cheap or that I had to buy that day. It helped me find the silhouette that I wanted, and I left feeling more comfortable with the idea of buying a dress at a non-mass-retailer than I was originally. Sadly, everything was a bit more expensive than I wanted to spend.

So, another Saturday, this time with a sky full of sunshine, I set out alone to another boutique. This saleslady was not so great, but not rude......until I asked what the rack in the back was.

"Oh, those are dressing we're trying to get rid of. You won't like any of them."

"Mind if I look?"


And the entire time I was back there......she was no where in sight! I found dresses I wanted to try from the dreaded sales rack, and she made someone else put them on me. Someone that can't get a woman into a dress to save her life! I would never have returned to that store if I hadn't found a dress on the sale rack that intrigued me.

I spent the rest of the beautiful, sunny Saturday in June......crying. I couldn't find a single soul to come to the store to give me an opinion on the dress. I couldn't just buy a dress without anyone's help! I'm just not THAT independent! I needed a girlfriend or my mom, and all were indisposed. It just wasn't going to happen that day.

Photo by Mori Lee - the runner-up dress.

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