Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rain on my parade

So you know how when you're in love everything seems brighter? Then he asks you for you hand in marriage and you think " just doesn't get any better than THIS. Nothing can ruin this!" Well, let me save any of you who've thought this a bitter, bitter reality check. Life is still going to remain life. Also, as a teensy-weensy side note, weddings often bring things to the surface that you hoped to simply, oh, never deal with that has needed dealing with for quite some time. That could be family tensions, friendshhip tensions, grudges, estrangements........the list is long and arduous. The long and short of it is: whatever was unpleasant in your life BEFORE that moment will likely remain unpleasant AFTER that moment. Only now, you get the added benefit of having to worry about getting DIY projects done, paying Experts according to whichever schedule they've chosen to use, and lots and lots of emotions.

So be warned if you ever choose the "let's have a wedding" path! Life and the people in it will not change just because it will make you happy and make your wedding a more pleasant event.

But won't you feel a little wiser for having survived it?! Let us hope so. At the very least, I believe strife gives us the opportunity to show the very best in our character and bring us closer to the people we love (you know, that wonderful man that you're about to marry who is suffering through this with you).

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  1. Ain't that the truth?! Remember my rehearsal dinner? When I was just trying to hide from all my family who came in town? Blech! You'll make it. Let me know what you need help with. As much as you helped me with everything, I'll be happy to help with whatever projects you need.