Monday, November 30, 2009

Wholesale flowers, or something close

There isn't a huge open-air flower market in my least not one that I am aware of. There is, however, a lovely near-wholesale shop in downtown Ft. Worth. It's a bit of a drive, but I love excuses to go to Ft. Worth. It's a town with a great feel to it.

I felt we'd put off checking out the flower market long enough. After all, if it had turned out to be a bust, I needed time to order test flowers from an online source and pre-order the flowers that I'd need for the wedding if the test flowers were deemed acceptable. So, we headed out to Ft. Worth in search of the little flower market.

No one was in sight when we walked in. There was a large sign above the floral cooler that said "Please Come In", though, so we did. To my dismay, there were hardly any flowers at all in the cooler. After surveying the area, we were about to leave.

Right then, a lady came out of the back, proclaiming that "there are people out here!" and asked if we needed anything. It seemed we'd arrive right as they were unloading the week's shipments. She invited us to the back to see what they had in stock. I spotted a bundle of orange roses and imediately asked if I could have the whole lot. After checking to make sure they didn't belong to another bride, she said I could. These lovely multi-colored orange, pink, and yellow beauties are called Cherry Brandy roses, and I think I might just love them to bits. I took all 25, 10 stems of Bells of Ireland, and 2 stems of red hypericum berries. Now, it might seem wasteful to buy them when all I'm going to do is play around with them, but I have a feeling it will be funds well-spent for the experience they provide.

Besides.....aren't they lovely?!

Photos by me.

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