Saturday, November 7, 2009

Someone else's walk

Today, we are privileged with a wedding. A friend's wedding. This is the friend that convinced me that my method of meeting men was horribly flawed and raved of his success in Internet dating. I, archaically, thought that Internet dating was a sign that you cannot meet people in the real world. I resisted. And resisted. And, well, you know. Then he met a woman and she became his steady girlfriend. She sounded like a lovely girl. That did it. He can't have a relationship and just leave me desperately single! Fine! Enough! I'll join, but only for three months and only to prove that this. will. not. work! (Hey, I'm a redhead, my mother tells me obstinacy runs in the blood. I'll go with that as my excuse.)

After a weekend, I proclaimed the Internet dating a my friend. But I kept looking. Hey, I paid for it. Two weeks later, I had an amazing first date. It turned into a fourth date within a week. On year, eight months, and three weeks later, I am still with that man. And we are to wed in 106 days (not that I'm counting or least it's not down to counting minutes yet).

So, it is with much glee that we travel to my friend's wedding today!

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