Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall has arrived!

I need to take a moment to praise this time of year! I love the fall. Texas really doesn’t have an awe-inspiring fallscape like the Northern areas of the US does, but the weather really is lovely nonetheless. I love that it’s very cold when we wake up, and I can see my breath. I love that I get to wear knee high boots and sweaters. I embrace the change in climate by making all sorts of warm-your-soul foods like chili, cabbage stew, and Chianti-braised beef ribs. Coffee feels better in my hands, and my cats fight over who gets to snuggle with me (because I’m a natural radiant heater, not because they love me more than they do in the summer). I’m looking forward to it being cool enough for scarves and gloves! (Is anyone surprised we’re honeymooning in Baltimore in February at this point?)

Most Texans do no share my love of the cool weather. They relish the 100+ days that we get for three or four months at a stretch. Not me! I’m a hermit in the summer, trying to find the coolest spot to lie in, just like the kitties. And I know that anyone in the north would say that this weather is still warm. After all, it’s getting into the 60s during the day. I guarantee though, that if you spent three to four months fighting to stay cool in 100+ temps, 60 would feel pretty darn chilly to you as well. My area has its first freezing morning, officially, yesterday. It was fantastic!

Ah…..snuggle weather. In my book, it’s unbeatable.

Photo of my Oli boy taken by my betrothed and sent to work to let me know what I was missing out on over last Christmas break. He gets Christmas breaks. I do not.

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