Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, for some reason, I can flow through Central Market effortlessly without being overwhelmed in the slightest.  Yet, put me in Whole Foods, and I feel utterly out of my depth! 

My best friend says that Central Market inspires her to cook.  Whole Foods inspires her to be healthy.  Well, I choose both (and I think she would second that).  So, I make mini shopping trips when I can to fill in gaps left by the other.  Today was a WF gap day.  Really, it's that they have bulk almonds for $3.99 per pound, and that's a steal!  I came out with two pounds of raw almonds that I intend to butterize about a half pound at a time. 

I did find something that made me incredibly giddy today though, in my attempt to better familiarize myself with the inner workings of WF.  I discovered raw cheeses!  I picked up a container of raw milk gorgonzola.  Bleu cheese of some nature is usually included in a Waldorf salad, but I'd left it out of my raw meal.  I am SO GLAD I went to the grocery store before I ate that salad.  The gorgonzola was amazing, and it completed the salad perfectly.  They had a fairly decent variety of raw cheeses.  I'm already kicking myself for not getting the raw sharp cheddar! 

So, here's to being inspired toward health through tasty, tasty food!

Am I the only one intimidated by a grocery store?  Man, I feel like I need a spotter in there!

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