Friday, November 19, 2010

Food in Review

This week got lost somewhere under my cough suppressant!   I did try to make meals that would seem like a treat because of my hubby’s big birthday.

Friday: We had the Pampered Chef party, so my dinner consisted of brie and raw cashew spread.  His consisted of sushi out in order to avoid all the estrogen.  Smart man.

Saturday: We had a late lunch in Ft. Worth.  We were trying to go back to Rahr, but got totally lost.  So, our fall-back plan was the Italian spot we like so much: Taverna.  Sadly, the service was so bad that even the waiter admitted how lousy it was and ASKED us not to tip him.  What?!  Yeah.  At least the pizza with Italian salami and goat cheese was amazing.  Dinner was left over burrito bowls from work.  They catered Chipotle for a training seminar and ordered WAY too much.  Luck us!  We had cilantro lime rice, black bean, chicken, steak, and salsa burrito bowls as a result.  So good.

Sunday: Central Market has a special on their pot pies.  I have a soft spot for their pot pies.  The flaky crusts.  The real meat and veg inside.  The made-with-love feel as if my grama had made it herself.  MMM!  Yeah, so we had turkey pot pies.  It was probably a fortunate purchase, as I was feeling quite ill by Sunday night.  Not sure we would have wound up with a choice that even involved vegetables had it not been for the pot pies all ready in the fridge, waiting for us.

Monday: Okay, okay, enough of the pre-made food already!  Time for real eats made in my kitchen instead of just heated there.  I made tamale pie with a base of creamy polenta with chipotle cheddar mixed in.  The topping was made from half a marinated chicken breast and a can of Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes with green chilies.  All I added to that mixture was a little salt, veggie broth, and half an onion.   I layered in sharp white cheddar and baked to allow everything to melt and meld.  This was an excellent, comforting meal.

Tuesday: A spaghetti squash purchased at this week’s farmer’s market was calling my name, along with an idea from Emily over at The Front Burner.  She made a vegan mushroom sauce to top spaghetti squash with.  I didn’t need it to be vegan, but the combo sounded irresistible.  I used the last of the pancetta from last week as a topper so that there was an ingredient that my husband really loved involved in the meal.  For my sauce, I sautéed baby bellas, deglazed in white wine, and simmered in veggie broth.  I finished it with parm.  It was thick and full of flavor.  Totally delicious.  The squash itself, though, was very bland and watery.  I realized after the fact that I need to cook this type of squash cut side down instead of up.  Totally my fault the squash tasted water-logged.

Wednesday: the other half of the chicken breast from Monday was transformed into BBQ pizza!  I used a whole wheat pizza dough from Great Harvest, Stubb’s spicy BBQ sauce, red onion slices, and sharp cheddar with the chicken.  This pizza was simply amazing.  So much so that I broke my “raw at lunch” policy to eat the leftovers on Thursday.  The Stubb’s spicy is REALLY spicy!  Love it.  

Thursday: It being the husband's birthday, I had every intention of taking him out to dinner.  Riley has other ideas.  She got sick (or peed) in her crate while we were at work and was noticeably shaken by it.  Would you be?!  We scrapped out plans and called in a to-go order at El Fenix.  It was delicious, but VERY anticlimactic.  

And, I'm up writing this at midnight because my cough won't let me sleep.  Nice, huh?  This concerns Riley.

Can't you tell?  Hehe.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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