Thursday, November 11, 2010

Party Prep

I love hosting gatherings.  I especially love the really laid back gatherings.  This might explain why I did not always enjoy the wedding planning.  There is NOTHING laid back about planning a semi-formal wedding which, whether I like it or not, is what we ended up having. 

Laid back parties really hold a place in my heart though.  Part of that might very-well be the fact that before I met my husband, I really hadn’t been able to host a successful party.  My former husband was so disliked that we’d “throw” a party and not one person would show.  Not one.  How sad is that?!  Yet, hosting a get together now (in this life with a wonderful man) is not only no big deal, but frequent.  Because of gaming there is a gathering of one sort or another in our home nearly weekly.  And they let me cook for them.

I also use parties to force myself to do a more thorough clean of our home and feed people.  Yeah, I can’t help it.  I love to feed people.  I hate to clean, but I love a clean house.  So the end result of being forced to clean always leaves me very fulfilled. 

I’ve been planning a party for a while now that happens this week.  It’s a Pampered Chef party.  I’m excited.  I get to cook….with other people!  And I get to put out really fun appetizers (in a hopefully very clean house).   I just did the shopping for the party.  Oh my….there will indeed be some good grub!  I truly cannot wait. 

Sadly, the cleaning part has to happen first.  Ugh.  Why doesn’t the cleaning fairy ever visit my house??

As an all the vets past and present, thank you and happy veterans' day.

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