Sunday, November 7, 2010


Riley was playing outside in the sunshine yesterday when something went wrong.  She ran to the table and chairs on the porch, hiding underneath them and thrashing around.  I said something was wrong, but it was possible she was just playing.....until a horrid whine started coming out of her.  I let her in, and she kept pawing at her face. My husband halted the game in progress and came to help me get her out of hiding.  She's buried herself behind a chair.  That's when we notice a lump forming above on of her eyebrows.  Apparently our little playful beast had provoked a bee, and it stung her.  We have a small nest in the yard we've been unable to eliminate.  We iced the sting area.  Then she slept for a long time, and her legs were quivering the whole time.  From time to time, though, she'd get up and play then go back to sleep.  I think the pain confused her and tuckered her out.  By evening, her entire forehead was a swollen lump. 

Thankfully, this morning, her face is completely back to normal and she's been extremely playful.  Whiny still, but playful. 

My little girl scared me.  I'm glad she's okay.

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  1. That IS scary! I am glad she's okay. I hope your pulse has returned to normal!