Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree?

With Thanksgiving neatly tucked into the archives of Holiday’s Past, it’s time to turn our attention to Christmas.  

Our first Christmas together, my then-live-in-boyfriend and I were just settling into our new (rental) home.  We’d moved in 11/15/08, so we still hadn’t quite made the place feel like home.  I decided that it would feel decidedly more cozy with a Christmas tree.  And so, he and I trekked out to the craft stores.  We picked a tree and all the trimmings together.  Then we decorated it in our pajamas.  Really, is there any other way?  It felt wonderful to bask in the glow of Christmas time.

Last year, we were elbow deep in wedding prep by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around.  The dining table had turned into Craft Central.  Wedding and Christmas projects were everywhere.  I blew up on Thanksgiving day due to stress......of the wedding looming, of hosting my soon-to-be mother-in-law for the first time, of dealing with two huge elephants in the room (aka excessively troubling family drama), and of hosting the holiday during all of that foolishness.  So, when we rolled past Thanksgiving and into Christmas, I decided the tree was simple more clutter than I could handle with all the unfinished projects lying around.  I had visions of the tree still being up after we returned from our honeymoon on March 1st!  And that was just being realistic, not lazy.  So, we nixed the stress of the tree.  Good call.

This year, there’s a 7 month-old puppy in the house that likes to eat inedible objects.  My tree is fake and wired.  My bulbs are glass, not that shatter-proof plastic stuff.  The only place the tree could go is the room that the puppy considers her “play room”.  Yeah, that tree’s got a snowball’s chance of seeing daylight this year!  I don’t need another $300+ vet bill.  

So, how do you get into the Spirit of the Holiday sans tree?

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