Saturday, November 27, 2010

The dog that ate Christmas

What does a $300+ vet bill do to the holidays when incurred the day after Thanksgiving?  It cancels it.  We’re not huge gift buyers, as I usually make all of the gifts that are handed out, but this year we were going to at least exchange gifts.  Now, I really doubt that we will.

And no, it wasn’t anything related to the thanksgiving festivities.  It was the hose she ate in the backyard.  Or maybe the sticks.  Or some other such thing that she ate in the backyard, unbeknown to us.  I think that officially makes me a really horrible puppy parent.  The x-ray to find obstructions did indeed find one.  It happens to be very small and very low in her intestine, so the vet recommended that we wait and see before flaying her open needlessly.  She’ll be on meds for the diarrhea and vomiting for the next few days.  Ah, the joys of dog-parenthood.  Definitely time to look into pet insurance, else this beast it quickly going to become far too expensive.

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