Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Facts: Husband Edition

Since what I thought would be a throw-away post ended up with such good feedback, I thought I’d do it again.  But this time, the husband edition in honor of his upcoming birthday!   With that, here are some random facts about My Love.

His hair is truly epic in the morning.  It achieves heights in his sleep that southern beauty queens would kill for.

He’s the most active sleeper I know.  I’ve found him “braking” a car with his hands on all fours, running down a hallway to keep a dog from “attacking me” (there were no dogs), climbing the headboard (literally) because he dreamt he was a ninja, and stalking a dwarf on our bedroom floor all whilst blissfully sound asleep.  It’s so bad that he actually proclaimed, quite triumphantly, that he had a zombie dream the other night and didn’t manage to punch me, kick me, or drop an elbow on my chest!  And yes, all of that has happened before.

When I ask him what dinners he wants this week, his more recurring answer (other than I don’t know) is Ruebens.

Ruebens are his favorite meal, even though they contain some of his least favorite ingredients.

He’s compulsive about sets.  Books sets and complete music discs must be maintained as a whole.  It baffles him that I can have one song from one artist off of an album on my iPod.  This might explain why he has a 32GB MP3 player and four loaded bookcases.  

If you tell him something is hot, he feels even more compelled to touch it.  Yet, if you don’t tell him and he burns himself, he asks why he wasn’t warned.  This includes any item straight out of a blazing hot oven.

He thinks birthdays are just another day.  Clearly, I disagree.

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