Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Adventure

So, yesterday there was a whole lot of this:

But we made is safely without incident. 

Before we left though, there was a lot of this:

Yes, that's my mom in footy pajamas.  HA!
 Aren't they cute together?

And here he's showing off the Scooby Doo just-his-size backpack that we got him for Christmas.  

I would have taken a photo of the older nephew to share was well, but he's just too cool for photos.  You know how that goes.  Still, Christmas with my family was awesome.  The food was amazing, as usual.  I ate two and a half biscuits loaded with gravy, just because I could!  My uncle brought Christmas crackers, so we all got to pop them together, wear paper crowns, and read silly laffy-taffy style jokes with one another.  The cookies were a hit (thank goodness!), and everyone was in a fantastic mood.  It's just how I like to see my family.  I wish we were able to do that just a little more often.

Now we're with my husband's family.  There's sure to be a feast tonight and lots of presents this afternoon.  I'll have to get back to you with the gift, as I left the ones my family gave me at home.  I want to show you everything at once, because I got some great stuff!  My brother got me a very special gift that I'm excited to show you.  It'll have to be Monday though. Sorry guys!

I wish you all the happiest of holidays shared with someone who appreciates you. 

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  1. Where oh WHERE are adult-sized footy pajamas a reality?! I need some!!! :) Merry Christmas, dear friend! xoxo