Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Work Gifts

Was anyone curious what was in the goodie boxes for my coworkers??  Well, here it is!  S'more kits!

The ladies got homemade graham crackers a la Ashley at Edible Perspective with marshmallows and Ghiradelli chocolate squares.  I even made a gluten free batch of grahams with rice flour.  They were far more crumbly but the taste was still spot on!

Fun fact: Riley LOVED graham cracker dough and thought it was make for her.

In return, my boss and coworkers gifted me with these lovely items.

That's a beautiful turquoise sweater from Old Navy, a Target gift card, homemade sugared pecans, chocolate covered pretzels, and chex mix, and a scrapbook.

The scrapbook was from my boss, made by her good friend and neighbor Amber at Lily Pad Designs.

Pretty cool, right?!


  1. Wow, that scrapbook super rocks!!! And I love your smores kits!

  2. Thanks! I sort of had to explain what they were, but I'm okay with that because they lit up after they know what it was. :)