Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekday mornings

Weekday mornings are sort of nice for me.  Riley and I have a very "strict" routine.  Once we leave the bedroom, we both have to take a walk around the backyard.  See, she's spoiled rotten and will not go out and potty by herself first thing in the morning.  I have to go with her.  Once the walk is done, it's time for her to eat.  I make my breakfast and coffee, then it's couch time! 

She and I curl up together on the blue couch in the front living room while I eat my breakfast.  Seriously, it's the best part of my morning.  She picks a toy very excitedly, then bounds onto the couch into my lap.  She'll get as close to me as she can the entire time, which generally means that she's sprawled across me.  She stays there until breakfast is done and I tell her to get off the couch.  I get to pet her ears while I eat, and that right there makes me one happy puppy momma. 

For about ten minutes every morning, I'm quite happy we have a puppy.

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