Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the camera doesn't show

The stereo system fought us all night.  The husband was sore almost our entire honeymoon from literally leaping over the bushes again and again trying to fix the issue in time for the ceremony.  He worked his butt off from the moment we got to the venue till people forced him to stop and put on his tux.

The only moments of panic/stress I had were while driving to the venue with a car full of stuff we’d worked SO hard on, worrying that it wouldn’t come together like I’d envisioned.  Then again when blood started dripping down my cheek where I’d catapulted a hot curling iron into my face while touching up my makeup.  Yeah, the smack from the hot iron didn’t panic me.  Blood a couple hours later from the wound right before the pretty dress went on was a tad worrisome!  

Our bridal party (minus one), my mom, and a couple close friends did not stop until the venue looked fantastic.  Period.  It was hard work....but all I heard what “what can I do next?” until it was all done.  And when we were close enough to done, everyone insisted that I hand over the reins and enjoy the rest of the day.  And I did.  

My brother was petrified he’d ruin my day (which is a far cry from the truth...he ADDED so much to it) and was way more nervous than I was.  I had to calm him down when Hairdresser Bridesmaid told him that he was in charge of making sure my train was spread out properly.  I saw panic setting in and immediately told him that I didn’t give a rip.  

I lost two friends because of my bridal party selections (one that was included and one that was not).  People don’t really talk about those sort of things, but it happens.  

The cakes were massacred instead of cut.  The groom’s cake looked like a chocolate death scene!  Especially since there had been a “battle in minis” on top of it prior to being hacked at.  Our photographer said she had to WORK for a pretty photo.  And I believe it.  I saw the table.

My husband’s family REALLY was happy.  I swear it!  Apparently it’s just not their style to smile in formal photos.

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