Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrap it up now

Happy New Years Eve!!!

Like I said, I like the eves way better than the actual holiday.  So, I'm all aflutter today.  We have some fun errands planned including a lunch at one of my favorite local places and a fancy home-cooked surf and turf dinner. 

We got a jump start on celebrations yesterday with happy hour at a new-to-me bar.  See, I love pubs.  A lot.  There's something about dark wood and really great, diverse beer selections that hits all the right buttons with me.  So, today, I want to list my favorite bars, in case you're in any of these areas and are looking for a place to ring in the new years!

They actually have these all over the place, but the one in Ft. Worth is my favorite so far.  

This one is in Denton, TX, on the Square, which is gorgeous at night.  Plus the food is killer.

This is the pub we went to last night on a recommendation that I'd love it.  He was right.  The menu was to die for, and the atmosphere was very non-Plano-esque.  Just chill.  I liked.

No source, we took this one on our honeymoon!

This was a find on our honeymoon in Baltimore.  A place so nice we visited it twice!  There was a redheaded bartender that took shots of a rare and newly imported Irish whiskey!  I loved that and instantly felt at home.  I'd be a fixture in this pub if I lived in Baltimore.

We went to Austin just for this one, and it was everything I could hope for and more!  Luckily, they're all over Texas, so you don't have to be in Austin to enjoy this one.  You just have to come to Texas, y'all!  

I hope you all have wonderfully fun and safe new year eves!  Please let me know what you decided to do!

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  1. Happy new year, sweet lady! xoxo