Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day of firsts

 Today, I bought my very first LaraBar.  Yes, I realize I am WAY behind the times.  I also realized I started making something similar at home before I tried the real thing.  And let me say that I am very glad about that last fact, because I never would have started to make them at home if I'd tried this first.  I am hoping I just selected a bad flavor, because I did not care for this at all.  I ate enough bites to steady my blood sugar and discarded the rest. 

 It was also Riley's very first day at Doggy Daycare!  I took her Canine Courtyard in Flower Mound.

 This is how she looked when I got her back.  

She was struggling so hard to keep her eyes open on the way home!  She finally gave in and collapsed on my hand, half falling off the front seat.

Immediately upon coming home, she did this.

Then relocated for this.

Which resulted in lots of this.

She perked up for about an hour in the evening while I was cooking, but then she curled into so tight a little ball that I decided to cover her up.

And this was the result after she's realized it was cozy and warm.

I'm very pleased with the daycare!  She never exhibited any fear while I was there.  The lady at the counters said that she and her husband run it together, and you can tell she loves dogs and knows how to handle them.  They put Riley in a separate run where she could "sniff out" the doggy she'd be playing with later and acclimatize herself to the area.  They match the dogs by size first.  So, she told me Riley was paired with a pit bull.  Hey, she's THAT big now.  Anyhow, the pit proved to be a bit too aggressive.  She said that as soon as Riley showed that she was scared (usually it's her tail that will let us know), she was put with a group of smaller, extremely hyper dogs.  She fit right in there!  When I returned, I got to see Riley and her playmates in an indoor play area via closed circuit cam.  She was playing happily and even sprawled out on the floor to rest at one point.  Her tail was wagging nearly nonstop.  She was happy, happy.  YAY!  Our half day trial was free, and you can bet we'll be back soon.  It's totally affordable, and having a calm dog all evening was well worth the cost!  As a bonus, they board.  So hopefully, we've found a kennel as well as a solution for very busy weekends.  

Have you ever taken your doggy to daycare?


  1. I loved when I used to board my dogs at this awesome kennel nearby... they would come home and sleep for days! They are pretty pricey though unfortunately, but when we move in June I might take advantage of the doggy daycare aspect! The apple pie Lara is not my favorite. I love the cashew cookie and the PB, PB&J, and I just tried the cookie dough yesterday for the first time. I'm sure everyone's homeemade ones are way better, but for a snack on the go the above flavors do me pretty well!

  2. I've tried several Lara Bars, and liked them all. The one that really sticks in my mind as being yummy was a lemon one. Like you, I have to keep that blood sugar up, and sometimes I think I let myself go so long that I can't even taste what I'm eating. lol

    Riley is such a cutie!!! :)

  3. Thanks! I sort of love her....most days. ;-P