Sunday, January 9, 2011

New yogini in town?

So, I finally managed to face a fear, after a little trial and error.  On Thursday night, I took my very first yoga class in a real studio! 

The studio is lovely with cornflower blue and dark chocolate walls.  Three lovely velvet flower chandeliers hang from the ceiling over the practice area.  Quirky signs fostering the idea that friends and smiles are all over the walls.

The Hairdresser and I took the Yoga Basics class.  Turns out I knew every pose from my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD, but I had no idea if I was doing any of them correctly.  During the second downward dog, I realized that I'd forgotten how challenging yoga is!  We crackled and popped over in the corner together, but we made it through the entire class and felt so good afterward!  It was the most loose I felt in a very long time. 

I went back for a "Yoga for Awareness" class at 9am on Saturday.  This one was far more sitting and breathing, but I can honestly say that I have never breathed that way.  It was odd.  I didn't dislike it, but I am not sure how much I enjoyed it either.  What I did like was the philosophy the instructor was telling us while we practiced our breathing.  Very insightful.  "The most important thing is to be a good and kind person"  He said it about five times throughout the hour.  I liked that. 

As I've already said, group exercise intimidates the heck out of me!  But both instructors were very open to helping beginners.  Both adjusted my positions without being demeaning.  Instead, it was actually quite the opposite.  It was more of "excellent position, but if you just correct your hip position a tiny bit" and WOW did that half an inch make a difference.  The second instructor actually called me a natural yogini.  I think that's a compliment, yes? 

So, in case you're curious, the studio is called Blue Anjou in Lewisville, TX.  They offer a promotion to any new students for unlimited yoga for 10 days for $10.  That is unbeatable!  I intend to go to as many classes as I can in the next 10 days.  I intended to go to one this morning, but my shoulders cannot handle it.  They are unbearably sore this morning.  Again, I forgot that yoga is challenging!  I'll definitely be there Monday evening for a Hatha class though! 

Any thoughts on types of yoga?  I really don't know my hatha from my asana!  I cannot wait to tell you more as I discover it myself.


  1. Yesssss! I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience! Hatha is what I usually attend, and I also go to a Hatha Flow class, which is a little more vigorous. I like the Gentle classes sometimes too, and we're going to be getting an ashtanga teacher as well which is a lot more vigorous and intense, from what I hear!

  2. I'm trying Hatha Monday. Just could not drag my butt out of the house in near freezing weather with pouring rain! Tuesday is Kripalu. Ever done that one? Hatha Flow/Meditation on Wednesday. Then Basics again Thursday. Get the most out of the unlimited pass right?!