Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 recap

I hope this isn't too cheesy, and I hope you all aren't too bored with New Year stuff. Because I just couldn't resist! 

 I had a PJ-themed bridal shower (yes those are footies on one of my bridesmaids!) and my hen party

And wedding DIY consumed my life, though apparently I found it too drab to blog about till a recap in February.

 It snowed.  A lot.  But marriage licenses were had!
 And that happened.  Best thing of all this year.
And we spent a week honeymooning in Baltimore and DC.  

I must have spent the month decompressing from the wedding mayhem!  I cannot find a single photo.  Weddings are hard work!
We bought the husband a new car with the oh-my-goodness generous gifts from family and friends from the wedding.  Seriously, I was overwhelmed by the generosity.

Oh, and I discovered food blogs.  There's not photo for that, but I think it's important.

And as usual, Scarborough ruled my weekends.  

 More dancing.
And I started taking pictures of my food.

 We went to the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival and stayed the weekend with my uncle.
We lost our minds and got a tiny pup.

Nothing but food and Riley.

 Riley graduated from puppy class.
I did something really hard and gave my ring to a new jeweler.  The ^&%&* has had it for four months and can't even be bothered to do the artwork.

I realized I loved baking and did more of it than ever.

The husband turned 30, and we took him to Austin to celebrate!

We just did December, so seems silly to recap it now.  :)  

Have a great new year!!!


  1. I love this! Great idea! Looks like you had joy filled blessed year! I am so happy you have found happiness, Brandy! You deserve it!

  2. Thanks! It was definitely a good year. And I do feel utterly blessed every day.

  3. Recaps rock. Your pup's face melts my heart every time. And I'm happy to see more of YOUR face here too! :)

  4. I did that specifically for you! :)