Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Granola Bars - Attempt #7

So, my lovely husband is working on something for me, and it seems it’s not a moment too soon!  There’s going to be some, how shall I put this, redecorating around here!  

I was given quite a scare yesterday when Blogger informed me that I was completely out of room for any more photos.  Can you imagine?!  No more photos of drool-worthy dinners?  Or, heaven forbid, no more photos of Riley!!  The horror.  (Okay, so maybe some of you would be totally okay with these changes, but I am not.)  So, he’s helping me fix it and helping me be a more savvy blogger.  Lord knows, I only know enough to be dangerous when it comes to computers and the internets!  

In the interest of conservation while the hubs is fixing my mess (sorry baby!), I’ll leave you with an entry a little light on photos but big on taste.  

I made Anne’s 5-minute granola bars this weekend.  I made a couple substitutions.  I left out the coconut and added an extra ¼ seeds.  So, I had a cup of seeds total that included almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and the dregs of a bag of chias.  The other substitution?  Dark Chocolate PB.  And let me tell you.....heaven doesn’t even begin to describe it. 


I cannot wait to make this again....but with the my hubby in mind!  I’m going to try to mimic the flavors in one of his favorite cookies!  Wish me luck. 

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  1. Homemade granola bars rock so hard!! Their flavor blows store bought out of the water!